The “before” pictures represent who I was in 2013 when working as lead counsel for one of the world’s most infamous women. The “after” pictures are of a happier, healthier me.  How I got from point A to point B is a long and personal story that includes bouts with infamy, cancer and the process of unchaining myself from my past story so that I could connect with a new purpose.

"Live with joyful urgency.”

-Kirk Nurmi


Helping you unchain yourself and DEFEND YOUR GREATNESS is my new mission. I do this mainly through sharing my personal story in keynote speeches, however, I also work as a life coach for select individuals who want to unchain themselves from the ties that bind them so that they can reconnect with and DEFEND THEIR GREATNESS.

Should you be interested in having me offer a keynote at your office, event, or if you’d like to work with me one on one. Connect with me today.


Kirk Nurmi

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Kirk Nurmi: Defend Your Greatness

Thursday, October 10, 2019

*Private Corporate Event

Phoenix, AZ


Defend Your Greatness

FIGHTING FOR YOURSELF! Self-Care for Lawyers



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